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There's no Hunger Games prequel. Which is a shame because, let's be honest, teenage Haymitch needs to happen. It really does.


Pull your very own April Fools joke by tricking your friends and family. Just share the link and use the hashtag #NewHungerGames. Or, if you'd rather, click on one of the ready-made tweets below to help us keep teenage Haymitch alive.


Tweet 1: Haymitch as a teenager? Yes, please.


Tweet 2: Can it just be 2018 already? I can't wait for the #NewHungerGames!


Tweet 3: Does the world really need a #NewHungerGames? Maybe not. But I sure do.


Tweet 4: Effie better make an appearance. That's all I can say.


Oh, and now for a bit of good news. There are tons of amazing YA books that really do exist, and we can match you with one in just sixty seconds. Just click on the picture below to get started.

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