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Beyond The Bio: Delilah S. Dawson & Kevin Hearne

Beyond The Bio Delilah Dawson Kevin Hearne

Hey, it's Amira. Today we have two amazing authors here, Delilah Dawson and Kevin Hearne. Both Delilah and Kevin have amazing taste in Disney movies and know how to keep the laughter going! These two collaborated to create a super funny and adventurous fairy tale retelling called Kill The Farm Boy. The book was released in July, so if you love to laugh, I highly suggest you get your hands on this book! Let’s get to the interview.


Amira: I loved your book and the twists you put on traditional fairy tale stories. Where did you and Delilah get the idea to write it?

Kevin: We got the idea in a rather subpar BBQ joint in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport the morning after a signing event with some other authors. We were killing time before our flights home and talking about flipping tropes in epic fantasy, and I blurted out "Kill the farm boy!" and Delilah was ready to slay on the instant. Because the farm boy who's told he's special somehow is so often the hero in fantasies that no one else has a chance to shine. Since we've all seen the farm boy do his thing over and over, we wanted to give some other characters their shot at greatness. Amira: When I was reading, I would laugh so hard that my mom had to ask if I was okay. Are there any parts that make you laugh too?

Delilah: Pretty much every line Kevin wrote for Gustave. "Y'all are intense" gets me every time.

Kevin: I giggled aloud every time I read a new chapter of Delilah's so I know how it is. But I especially enjoyed the Goblin Market sendup and Lord Toby's meeting with Glandalf. Amira: Fia was definitely my favorite character. Even though I'm not seven feet tall, I related to her so much to her. Which character is your favorite?

Delilah: That's like choosing a favorite child! Which I could never do, even when one of them is acting up. Gustave is the enfant terrible and, somehow, the everygoat, and I love him. But I really enjoyed writing Poltro. Her voice just came in really strong.

Kevin: I love Fia too! And as for secondary characters, I adore Mathilde, the Marmoset of Side Quests who once dated the Dread Necromancer Steve. Amira: Many things in the book reminded me of my favorite childhood Disney movies. What is your favorite Disney movie?

Delilah: Again, that's like choosing a favorite child! Lately, I love the Descendants 1 & 2. They're fun, flashy, campy, have snappy music and dance scenes, and, when you dig deeper, they speak to childhood trauma and moving beyond how you were raised to become the person you choose to be. If we're talking more classic Disney movies, I love Lilo & Stitch and The Emperor's New Groove. And Tangled!

Kevin: Pixar counts, right? Ratatouille! Anton Ego's transformation from an arrogant snob to a friendly gourmet is one of my favorite character arcs because they found the good in him and brought it out.

Amira: There was a pretty wild and hilarious ending. Did you know how it would end before you started writing, or did it come to you as you wrote?

Delilah: I always know the ending before I start writing, otherwise I don't know where I'm going! But in this case, Kevin and I worked from a flexible outline. We knew exactly how it would end. Amira: Poltro had a fear of chickens. And I have a fear of ostriches. Are there any animals you're afraid of?

Delilah: I'm an animal nerd, so I wouldn't say I fear any animals. But I do screech when something touches me in the ocean or a rogue spider lands on me.

Kevin: I do not dig roaches, nope nope nope.


That’s it for today’s interview with Delilah and Kevin. Be sure to order a copy for yourself, and we’ll see you back here again next week for another awesome interview. Happy reading, book nerds!

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