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YA Holiday: Halloween Throwback Pics From Your Fav YA Authors

YA Holiday

It's almost Halloween, and we've got a special surprise for you today. We talked to nine of our favorite YA authors and asked them to share pictures of themselves in costume. So if you've ever wished you could trick-or-treat with your favorite authors, here's your chance.

Fair warning: Some of these costumes are embarrassing, and others probably should be. (We're looking at you, Ryan.)


"Not too many people got it. I've had some hit or miss costumes, but I look super happy because it's my favorite night of the year."

- Sara Farizan

Author: Sara Farizan

Costume: The Grim Reaper as a history teacher, circa fourth grade


"The costume was handmade by my mother, as were all my childhood costumes. I was OBSESSED with witches and all occult stuff when I was little."

- Amalie Jahn

Author: Amalie Jahn

Costume: The Wicked Witch Of The West, for which six-year-old Amalie won the prize for ugliest costume


"This costume came about as part of my lifelong work: making sexy outfits out of strange prompts. That year's prompt was: Sea Monsters. Plus, it's actually a super cute, functional capelet! The upper jaw can be set back, like a hood, and the lower jaw splits open from the center. It's very chic. Very toothy."

- Ryan La Sala

Author: Ryan La Sala

Book: Reverie

Costume: A sexy angler fish


"It was fun bringing Eleanor's character to life. The only challenge was the wig."

- A. M. Rose

Author: A. M. Rose

Costume: Eleanor from Rainbow Rowell's book Eleanor & Park


"I was sad that I couldn't go trick or treating because we'd forgotten to get me a costume. So my uncle put this together for me and my grandmother sewed me up a tail, which I had to hold up myself."

- Zoraida Córdova

Author: Zoraida Córdova

Costume: Catwoman


"My cape was a yellow table cloth. I have received no end of shit for that!"

- Sarah Darer Littman

Author: Sarah Darer Littman

Costume: Robin, The Boy(-ish) Wonder, as interpreted by twenty-something Sarah


"The whole night of Halloween people kept shouting and asking where 'enry 'iggins was."

- Shelley Sackier

Author: Shelley Sackier

Costume: The classic Eliza Doolittle Barbie pictured below


"Last year, my husband and kids did a Star Wars theme. He was Darth Vader, and the kids were Luke and Leia. This was just stuff from my closet!"

- Lenore Appelhans

Author: Lenore Appelhans

Costume: Padme


"I’d wear glitter every day if I could get away with it."

- Victoria Lee

YA Holiday

Author: Victoria Lee

Costume: Unicorn


That's it for today's post. But if you dress up like any YA characters this Halloween, be sure to tag @PickMyYA on Twitter or Instagram. We'd love to share your bookish costumes with our followers!

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