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19 YA Books To Read In 2019

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It's 2019, book nerds. And there are so many amazing books coming out this upcoming year. From epic fantasies to gush-worthy rom-coms, we picked nineteen of our most anticipated YA books. Check out the full list below.

And, if you're a teen, be sure to stick around until the end to find out how you can interview some of these authors as part of our weekly #BeyondTheBio series.



Release Date: January 8th

Perfect For: Fans of Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars What Others Are Saying: "THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD OMG... Karen McManus is a plot twist genius." - Sabaa Tahir, bestselling author of An Ember In The Ashes

Random Fact About The Author: Whenever she leaves her house, Karen tells her dog, “It’s OK. I’ll be right back.” This is a lie. Preorder by clicking here.


By Maureen Johnson

Release Date: January 22nd

Perfect For: People who need answers What Others Are Saying: "All I want is for The Vanishing Stair to be released so I can piss off everyone I know by talking about that instead of talking about Truly Devious." - Jill the librarian (@jillberry33)

Random Fact About The Author: Maureen recently told the President to eat farts. It is unclear if he did as she suggested. Preorder by clicking here.


By Leigh Bardugo

Release Date: January 29th

Perfect For: Those of us who’ve been begging the Grishaverse for more Nikolai and Nina What Others Are Saying: “Bardugo crafts a first-rate adventure.” - Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series

Random Fact About The Author: At the beginning of her writing career, Leigh worked in Hollywood, doing makeup and special effects. Preorder by clicking here.


By Caleb Roehrig

Release Date: January 29th

Perfect For: Drag queens and those of us who wish we had their confidence

What Others Are Saying: “Roehrig has given us not just one queer James Bond, but five, each with a unique relationship and pride in their own queerness. And that's not to mention the heists, fights, flirting, drag queens and death-defying leaps.” - L. C. Rosen, author of Jack of Hearts (And Other Parts)

Random Fact About The Author: Caleb once hung around a frozen cornfield in his underwear. He was paid for this activity. Preorder by clicking here.


By Victoria Lee

Release Date: February 1st

Perfect For: Fans of V.E. Schwab What Others Are Saying: “My kind of sci-fi: sharp, smart, and political, with something important to say about our own world. Lee offers a fresh twist on magic that makes The Fever King feel totally new and unique. I was absorbed in Noam’s world from the first page—and was dreading leaving it by the last.” —Natasha Ngan, bestselling author of Girls of Paper and Fire

Random Fact About The Author: Victoria dressed up like a unicorn for Halloween, and her costume is absolutely adorable. You can check it out here. Preorder by clicking here.


By Angie Thomas

Release Date: February 5th

Perfect For: Fans of Cardi B & Tupac What Others Are Saying: “This honest and unflinching story of toil, tears, and triumph is a musical love letter that proves literary lightning does indeed strike twice.” - Kirkus Reviews

Random Fact About The Author: Angie had a brief rap career and went by the moniker Young Short-A. Preorder by clicking here.


By Tehlor Kay Mejia

Release Date: February 26th

Perfect For: The revolutionary What Others Are Saying: “We Set the Dark on Fire simmers with political revolution and forbidden love between two powerful young women. I couldn’t put it down.” - Audrey Coulthurst, author of Of Fire And Stars

Random Fact About The Author: As if Tehlor wasn’t already talented enough, she plays guitar and sings too. Why do some people have all the talent? Preorder by clicking here.


By Tomi Adeyemi

Release Date: March 5th

Perfect For: Burners, tiders, reapers, healers, burners, winders, grounders, welders, lighters, cancers, healers, and tamers. (Seers and connectors, on the other hand, have already used their power to tap Tomi’s brain and find out the secrets it contains.) What Others Are Saying: “The epic I’ve been waiting for.” - Marie Lu, bestselling author of Warcross

Random Fact About The Author: Tomi wrote her first story at the age of five. It featured a main character named Tomi. Preorder by clicking here.


By Lilliam Rivera

Release Date: March 5th

Perfect For: Fans of Mad Max: Fury Road What Others Are Saying: “This book will have you up late, turning pages frantically to find out what happens next. It is a marvelous achievement.” - Daniel José Older, bestselling author of Shadowshaper

Random Fact About The Author: She’s constantly blasting music from singer Bad Bunny. Preorder by clicking here.


By Samira Ahmed

Release Date: March 19

Perfect For: The Resistance What Others Are Saying: “A powerful and poignant exploration of a nightmare made real. It's a testament to Ahmed's writing then, that the heart of the story is one of hope. Read Internment. Raise a fist.” - David Arnold, bestselling author of Mosquitoland

Random Fact About The Author: Samira’s OTP is Jo and Laurie from Little Women. Preorder by clicking here.


By Kosoko Jackson

Release Date: April 2nd

Perfect For: Fans of historical fiction What Others Are Saying: “A Place for Wolves captivated me from its very first page, and with it, Kosoko Jackson has established himself as a talent to watch. A relentlessly compelling, beautifully written and heartfelt debut.” - Courtney Summers, author of Sadie

Random Fact About The Author: Kosoko’s barber gives shots of whiskey after hair cut. This explains a lot. Preorder by clicking here.


By Maurene Goo

Release Date: May 7th

Perfect For: The BTS ARMY What Others Are Saying: “The perfect rom-com for dreamy spring afternoons.” - Bustle

Random Fact About The Author: She’s a sucker for Buffy The Vampire Slayer Preorder by clicking here.


By S. K. Ali

Release Date: May 7th

Perfect For: The romantic What Others Are Saying: “An essential read about growing up as a Muslim in America, about life with multiple sclerosis, and about the redeeming power of love.” - Bustle

Random Fact About The Author: Her favorite word in the English language is “wee.” Not like the urine kind, but the itsy bitsy kind. Preorder by clicking here.


By Sandhya Menon

Release Date: May 14th

Perfect For: Anyone who's read the adorably awkward companion novel, When Dimple Met Rishi What Others Are Saying: “There's something about the way Sandhya Menon writes love stories. I'm head-over-heels for this charming, funny, romantic, life-affirming book.” - Becky Albertalli, bestselling co-author of What If It’s Us?

Random Fact About The Author: She lives for Nutella. Preorder by clicking here.


By Mason Deaver

Release Date: May 28th

Perfect For: People who need a little more hope and joy in their life What Others Are Saying: “I Wish You All the Best is a beacon of hope in a broken world. We all need this book.” - Nic Stone, bestselling author of Dear Martin

Random Fact About The Author: Mason wants you to watch Brooklyn 99. If you care about your own happiness, you should want this too. Preorder by clicking here.


By Randy Ribay

Release Date: June 18th

Perfect For: People who judge a book by the cover. Because that cover is awesome. What Others Are Saying: "To say I want to read this book is the biggest understatement of 2019.” - Melanie Parker, book blogger at

Random Fact About The Author: When he’s not writing, Randy’s a high school teacher. Preorder by clicking here.


By Lana Wood Johnson

Release Date: June 25th

Perfect For: Your awkward-ass self. What Others Are Saying: “A magical, beautiful, fluffy tale that you're going to be heart eyes over.” - Kosoko Jackson, author of A Place For Wolves

Random Fact About The Author: Lana likes to play Magic: The Gathering. Preorder by clicking here.


By Brandy Colbert

Release Date: August 20th

Perfect For: Fans of Nicola Yoon and Nina LaCour What Others Are Saying: “I'm never sad when I read a Brandy Colbert book, except when I am finished and know I'll be waiting another year for her next. ” -Kelly Jensen, BookRiot

Random Fact About The Author: Brandy loves watching cooking shows, even though she’s a vegetarian and can’t eat most of what they’re making.

Preorder by clicking here.


By Camryn Garrett

Release Date: September 10th

Perfect For: Anyone who wants to read a YA book that’s not just about teens, but actually by one

What Others Are Saying: “The kind of bold, fresh and inclusive YA that we have been waiting for. ” - Emma Jones, Penguin Random House

Random Fact About The Author: Camryn was selected by MTV as one of “8 Inspiring Teens Using Social Media to Change the World.”

This book is not currently available for preorder, but you can follow Camryn on Twitter by clicking here.


That's it for today's list, but if you're a teen who'd like to interview one of these authors, click here to find out how we can help make that happen.

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