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My Early Writing: Sara Farizan

The following piece was taken from the journal Sara Farizan kept during her sixth-grade year. The journal is dated February 22, 1997 and is reproduced here, errors and all. Sara had been eagerly anticipating the new Batman And Robin movie after falling in love with Batman Forever two years before. She had no idea how disappointed she'd be when the movie finally came out.

After reading this journal entry, Sara's teacher left a Post-It on the page. The Post-It read: "Now this is more creative and detailed. Keep it up!" Sara's now a published author with three books to her credit. So, it's safe to say that Sara has indeed kept it up.


Dear Journal,

I have anticipated the new Batman movie for over a year now and last night, I dreamed it. It was so uncanny. All the characters were there portrayed by the same actors but they were all in a Motel 8. This is the scenario: Batman, Robin, and Batgirl (George Clooney, Chris O'Donnel, and Alicia Silverstone) are rushing towards the murky indoor swimming pool when suddenly Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy (Arnold Schwarzanager, Uma Thurman) jumps in. 

As Batman jumps in the water to catch Mr. Freeze, Posion Ivy gets out of the water and grabs Batgirl by the hair and they have a cat fight and then Cat Woman comes along and says "Watch a pro" and slashes Poison Ivy  and then departs to go have dinner with Michael Keaton. As Robin tries to help Batman and Batgirl, a swarm of hockey players huddle around him and use him as a puck. 

The original journal

As Poison Ivy is mesmerized by a plastic cheesy flower Batgirl pushes her out a window into a tub of boiling oil which coincedently what the cafeteria food is made of. As Batgirl helps Robin defeat the evil hockey players Elle Macpherson cries "Is this the way to the restroom?" Then Bob Barker says "No it isn't but tell her what she's won Don!" "A new car!" 

As Batgirl and Robin defeat the hockey players as doctor goes to Batman and says "We've got to take this victim to the ER stat." "Okay I'll be there in a minute." says Batman as Batgirl says "Whatever, as if your going to leave us with Mr. Snow Cone. Hello are you totally Clueless." As Mr. Freeze is confused by Batgirl's dialect, he crashes into the wall and his helmet breaks causing him to die. 

As our heroes go outdoors millions of Brazilian soldiers from the 1700s gallop towards the sunset as Porky Pig yells "Ddddiyaddd That's All Folks." Let's see if my version will be similar to the original.

Your Writer,



Sara Farizan; photo credit to Mark Karlsberg/Studio Eleven

About The Author: Sara Farizan is the author of young adult novels If You Could Be Mine, Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel, and Here to Stay. She also has short stories in the young adult anthologies Fresh Ink, Hungry Hearts, The Radical Element : Twelve Stories of Daredevils, Debutants, and Other Dauntless Girls, and All Out: The No-Longer-Secret Stories of Queer Teens Throughout the Ages. She lives in Massachusetts and is still obsessed with Batman.


Are you a published author interested in sharing writing from your childhood? Click here to connect with us about being featured in an upcoming segment of My Early Writing. Teenage Sara (below) is excited for you. We are too.


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