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My Father's Fingers

I have my father’s fingers. If you compare them side by side, they look identical. Weird how, out of every body part, I got my fingers like my father’s. It doesn’t bug me. At least, I don’t think it does. I don’t even pay attention to them.

Because whenever I look at them, I don’t see my fathers fingers. I see my dark nail polish. I see the pretty intricate rings I wear. They hide the way my fingers are structured. It hides the fact that I don’t take pride in having something so like my father.

The hands of the author's father

Deepak Chopra once said, “Nothing has to be accepted just because we inherited it.” This makes me realize that it’s OK if I don’t feel proud of my fingers. Whenever my family points it out, I can simply laugh and say, “Yes, I have my father’s fingers.”

Even though I don’t like having his fingers, I’m happy that it’s the only physical similarity I have. At least it’s one I can hide.

But there is something I worry about. I wonder if this reminder of my father will pass down to my kids.

And, if they do, I wonder if those fingers will be a blessing or a curse.


About The Author: Jazlyn Arenas is a high school student. They love being around positive people but also enjoys spending time with herself by reading a good book, writing down her thoughts and ideas, and expanding her fashion sense.


Editor's Note: This piece is part of our "Pass The Mic" series, featuring teen authors sharing important moments from their own life story. If you are teenager who'd like to submit a piece for consideration, please click here.

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